Curio Projects facilitiates unique artist collaborations, curates exhibitions, and organizes both corporate and non-profit projects.






We abide by a longstanding philosophical point of view that ascribes that "the aim of art is not to represent the outward appearance of things only, but their inward significance", as Arostitle noted.  





Curio Projects came about by mingling a passion for business, art, and philanthrpy. With a keen sense of the significance of inward value from what lies inside of an artist, we thrive on partnering with innovative creators. We leave ego behind and enter into a collaborative experience where art, business and the altruism of caring about things greater than ourselves, results in an extraordinary outcome.  We seek out excellence in every field of art, medium and method.  And as you will see in our services we enjoy partnering at each possible stage of the artist's life.  We believe art itself is a dialogue, both between the artist and the world experiencing the artwork. Curio Projects is a critical part of the emerging conversation of where art, it's cultural place in commerce and artists are going. Let's connect and talk about it.